The Next Last Time

by Stochastic Theory

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It has been six years since Stochastic Theory’s last full-length album, 2006’s Opposite Extremes, and eight since Chuck Spencer’s debut Soliloquy slammed into the synthpop/ebm scene with the surprise hit “What You Weren’t” (made popular on Dependent Records’ huge Septic compilation series). Now Stochastic Theory is back with The Next Last Time, taking his sound further than before while preserving the best elements from the previous albums. From the upbeat rhythms of the opener “Hold Up” to the plaintive “Best I Can Do” and “Bubble” to the surprisingly emotional cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” (and no, that’s not a joke), The Next Last Time showcases not only Spencer’s knack for catchy lyrics and vocal rhythms, but also his deeper understanding of what simply makes a damn good song. The album also includes remixes from I:Scintilla, The Gothsicles, and Kelly Shafer (who did the Echo Virus mix of What You Weren’t).

For the uninitiated, Stochastic Theory came out of the same fertile Madison, Wisconsin electronic scene that spawned Stromkern, Caustic, Null Device, the aforementioned Gothsicles, and others. Like the rest, Stochastic Theory has its own unique voice in a scene dominated with too many copycats. Spencer’s introspective lyrics, tight rhythms, and strong hooks showed influences ranging from the more traditional (Depeche Mode) to indie (Bloc Party, Postal Service) and allowed his vision to quickly stand out from the pack. And now it will again with The Next Last Time.

It’s great to have him back


released September 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Stochastic Theory Madison, Wisconsin

Stochastic Theory is the Madison, WI based music project created by Chuck Spencer in 2001. After a decade of DJing in the goth/industrial scene, Chuck started Stochastic Theory to bring together that scene's music with a broader set of influences from indie rock to pop. The subsequent years brought three full-length albums culminating in the 2012 release “The Next Last Time”. ... more

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Track Name: Hold Up
Ok ok let’s go we’ve done this all before
If you could just move a little just a few feet more
Man you’d be there yeah you’d be there
You’d be on the other side
Where the people talk like people
And the runners cannot hide

Hey now, what’s the holdup
You know the feeling when it’s time to fold up
You take your toys and you’re going home
Because you know either way that you’ll be going alone
So step back with your hesitation
Don’t want to hear about your reservations
Don’t try to tell me that the time ain’t right
Because it’s just another minute and it’s just another night

It’s a lip, it’s a cusp, it’s a deficit of trust
If you want to overcome you know you know you know you must
Open up, settle in, find the motion to begin
You either execute maneuvers or you’re paralyzed again
I can show this I can throws this I can throw this all away
Yeah I know this so let’s go this thing won’t last another day
You gotta carpe carpe diem cuz no one will set you free
Until you push and pull and find the key to what you gotta say
Track Name: Who Knew
Sorry if I’m unprepared
Give me just, just one moment
I’m in a state of disrepair
I need time to process process
I never thought to think ahead
Nothing’s ever made me want to
The precedents have always said
There’s no point in hanging onto hope
Oh no

Well who knew, who knew that I’d
Be with you right now and
Who knew, who knew what you’d say
And who knew, who knew that I’d
Get to you somehow and
Who knew, who knew that you’d stay

When I look you in the eyes
My pulse quickens when I think
You might see through my disguise
And I can hear the laughter laughter
Loving you from over there
I gotta say was much less frightening
Now I cannot help but stare
My heart’s racing faster faster, oh
Oh no

Around and around and around again
Track Name: Try Not To Notice The Knowing
Ignore the buzzing in the back of your head
Ignore the needles that are buried in red
Ignore the place, the face the time
Just keep the pace, and cross the line

Ignore the speed with which you’re running at walls
Ignore the height of unavoidable falls
Ignore the future when it always cries
Just look in front of your eyes

You don’t have to know where you’re going
Just drive the car
Try not to notice the knowing
We’re not going far
We fall out the window the window
We lay in the road
We may not have sinned, oh, but we know
We’re not going far

Embrace the rushing that will move you along
Embrace abandon like you’re living a song
Preserve this moment in the deep of your heart
For when it’s falling apart
Track Name: Bubble
I want it to be pure
Let’s not complicate
Cut away the strings
Hide and isolate
Call it more than lust
Simply change the name
Falling for the trust
As we play the game

What is true tonight
What I testify
Won’t survive the light
But it’s not a lie
Clinging to the time
Sweet and singular
Tomorrow will not find
What it brings to bear

Stay, stay
Pushing tomorrow away

Play, pray
Empty and hollow delay

Fearing what’s ahead
There’s no looking back
When we reach the end
Swell and fade to black
Willing to believe
Please just stay with me
Never never leave
Please just lay with me

And I will dance, if you will
Track Name: Cycling
I grabbed tight when I figured it could be
It’s not quite what I figured it would be
Let the world move maybe it’ll fall in line
Well I wanted it as much as you do
But trust me that won’t make it come true
I hate to think that we’re both just wasting our time

I don’t think our eyes took time to adjust
To the brightness of the want and the hope and the lust
I don’t think our minds took time to agree
When my heart wanted you and yours wanted me

Well I had this all planned out in a dream
But on waking nothing’s ever as clean
Well God knows we’ve lived this failure before
But each glimmer leaves us wanting it more

In the future I see glimpses of my dreams
As they draw nearer they are never what they seem
Track Name: Best I Can Do
I couldn’t tell you just when it happened
An hour, a week or a second’s time
The glamor it faltered the fantasy stalled
For the moment it took for it all to die
All that we wanted was life’s sweet music
Somewhere a heart shares a common tune
Desperate dancing decaying our chances
Of finding the right one to listen to

How much sooner than you did I grasp it
How surprised are you going to be
Are you as frightened as I was to face it
Will you walk away crying from me

Light shone brightly on hopeful signals
For all that we wanted to seem so strong
But all of the sound had no point but to drown
Out the voice that was saying it all along

Maybe I should’ve known
Maybe you should have too
So I’m taking the blame
It’s the best I can do
Track Name: The Last Last Time
Let the echoes bounce around
They come behind and you find a familiar sound
The heart breaks like it always will
The cruel game may maim but it rarely kills

I swear, I swear, I swear
This was the last last time
I swear, I swear
This was the last last time

I close my eyes and I clench my fists
As I strain to refrain but I can’t resist
Somehow it gets me every time
I see hope and I choke as it strike me blind

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